spontaneous, digital EP release on the occasion of the Corona virus situation worldwide - release date: 10th, April 2020

AXXIS – "Virus Of A Modern Time" - release, a digital EP due to the current situation – singer Bernhard Weiß talks about the origins of Prometheus.
Lünen – They are one of the German rock bands that are still keeping up with the times, even after more than three decades of band history - perhaps even more than ever: Due to the current global situation, the rock band AXXIS have interrupted their studio work on their next album and are releasing a digital EP titled "Virus Of A Modern Time" on Friday.
It is based on song material writen for the theatre project "Prometheus Brain Project", in which Bernhard Weiß and Harry Oellers of AXXIS were responsible for the musical arrangements. The play premiered in October 2007 at the Landestheater Schwaben in Memmingen.
The play offered a modern staging of the Greek deity Prometheus as the main protagonist. In Greek mythology, Prometheus was the "mastermind" or the "foreseer" who stalks fire from heaven and brought it down to man.
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